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Francisco Alexandre de Gouveia
Current position
Lead Programmer at LiveSense
Currenty living
Hamburg, Germany
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Academic background

Master's degree

Information Systems

Graduated in 2013

Exchange program


Master's thesis rated 1.7 in the German grading system

Bachelor's degree

Information Systems and Technologies

Graduated in 2011

Professional experience

Lead Programmer

Since 2013

Webservices documentation


System Administrator

Computer centre


Projects involved

Live Sense

An information system used for telemetry of industrial facilities. It is composed by a scalable sensor monitor and data processor, a data mart for historic sensor data analysis and a frontend for facility management, real-time sensor monitoring and sensor data visualisation.
Interested in this product?
Give a look at Live Sense's website.
My role
I have several responsabilities and roles in this project: server and service administration in AWS (such as EC2, RDS and DynamoDB), application server administration and maintenance (Glassfish 4.0), architecture and development of a distributed pipeline system for reliable communication with sensors, sensor data processing, aggregation, storage and visualization. I am also partly responsible for the architecture and lead developer of an information system for facility management.


Game developed while learning HTML5 Canvas, CSS3 and object inheritance in JavaScript. Due to the current lack of time, no further development will be made. Let me know if you are interested in this project.
Try it
Booble's page
My role
I fully designed and developed this game from scratch.

Academic Playground & Innovation

Web services' aggregator from several institutions: PT Inovação, SAPO Services and University of Aveiro.
My role
Documentation of existent SAPO web services, including API and examples in several programming languages (VB.Net, C#.Net, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, C, C++).
Project website


PAPOX stands for Policy Administration Point for OASIS XACMLv3. XACML is an eXtensible Access Control Markup Language, an OASIS standard to access control that can be used in any context. This project focus on the third version of XACML which was still a draft version.
For my Bachelor's thesis at University of Aveiro, with Instituto de Telecomunicações (Aveiro) and PT Inovação
My role
Study the XACML OASIS standard, design and development of an intuitive Policy Administration Point (information system for access policies' administration).
Project website
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